Yim—the Chosen

The Shadowed Path is named for Yim’s struggle to follow the path set for her by the Goddess of Compassion. Yim is the Chosen, and she has prepared for that role since childhood. Despite her preparation, it will take her a lifetime to fully realize its import. Although Yim receives visions and possesses remarkable powers, she never regards herself as extraordinary. “I’m not special,” she tells her only friend, “my task is.”

When I created Yim, I drew inspiration from the Gospel of Mark. What moved me specifically was the crucifixion scene where Jesus cries out, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” At that moment, he seems totally unaware of his divinity. Instead, he is merely a suffering man who feels utterly abandoned.

That moment in the Gospel of Mark is also the one in which Yim dwells. Whatever power or holiness she possesses provides her little comfort. Her humanity is always forefront, with all the frailty that entails. She is usually uncertain and often frightened, but that seldom weakens her resolve to follow her path to its end.