Washavoki Proverbs

For those of you who haven’t yet read Queen of the Orcs, “washashoki” is the Orcish word for “human.” The term translates as “dog’s teeth” and refers to our teeth’s whiteness. Orcs blacken their teeth by chewing washuthahi seeds. “Washuthahi” translates as “teeth pretty.”

Orcs have a low opinion of washavokis. They think we’re cruel and unpredictable. Many of the washavoki proverbs I created for the trilogy tend to confirm that perspective. Here’s a sample:

An empty belly’s a great cure for a conscience.

War’s full of opportunity.

The adder charms the bird before it strikes.

Quick done is quick over.

When the blood runs hot, Mercy’s a stranger.

Every wolf is peaceful after it’s supped.

A hidden hand moves freely.

Idle men make work for women.

Hate binds tighter than love.