“When we are gone, who will remember us? To humans, we are only monsters”

Queen of the Orcs Trilogy

     King’s Property
     Clan Daughter
     Royal Destiny

Queen of the Orcs is the tale of a young woman who is conscripted into the army to serve orcs and is transformed by the experience. This trilogy portrays orcs, which are usually barbarous monsters in fantasy literature, as sympathetic characters.

The protagonist is Dar, a woman for whom conscription means a brutal life of virtual enslavement. Branded so she can never leave the army, Dar is sent to a regiment that uses orcs in combat. There, she is abused by its human soldiers and terrified by its orc warriors. Her only goal is to survive, and that seems highly unlikely. Nevertheless, she decides her chances would be better if she learned to speak the Orcish language. This contact gradually changes her perception of orcs, so that when disaster strikes, Dar realizes her loyalty lies with them.

Then Dar makes an impulsive choice that will not only alter her life, but also the fate of the orcish nation. As she becomes ever more deeply immersed in its culture, she finds that her generalizations about orcs frequently don’t hold true. She also discovers that she has a historic role to play, one that has been long foretold. Her survival is dependent on fulfilling it. To do that, Dar must not only learn to think like an orc, she must become one.